Agency: AB Creations
Redefining the brand identity of TAL, a world player in architectural lighting. The company captures modernity and style in the most amazing designs. 
To incorporate their believe in creating unique contemporary lighting for modern times as part of their brand, a thorough revision of the TAL logo and corporate identity was needed. A new brand introduction guide came to life and a set of brand guidelines was introduced to help ensure consistency. The rebranding further included templates for mailing, newsletters, business cards, car signage, ...
Another vital part in showcasing new trends and designs in indoor and outdoor lighting, is their annual catalog. Therefore an innovative and new look for their catalogue was needed, especially since the need occurred to present it together with the catalogue of their second brand Lithoss. As an internationally renowned design company in the manufacturing of handmade design switches, Lithoss is the perfect companion to be combined with TAL lighting systems. A complementary cover design was presented, making it possible for both brands to be presented together.